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Enlighten your life

with the colours of Spectrum Light 7


Light as a solution

Then the Quasar S7 is the solution. This brilliantly engineered lamp contains a 7-colour light system which is far superior to all existing and well-known light therapies.

The Quasar S7 distinguishes itself by its light force with a unique unparalleled effectiveness. A very good and accessible treatment for people who suffer from exhaustion, stress, or other mental problems.

This form of coloured light treatment has only positive effects and heals us from the inside out without the need for medication or drugs.


Coloured Light

Coloured Light

This remedy, using the full range of seven colours, concentrates entirely on the energy field that surrounds us, the aura.



Human beings are dependent on sunlight. At cellular level, our bodies work in close cooperation with the available sunlight. 

Spectrum Light 7

Spectrum Light 7

It is our goal to build a bridge between science, body and spirit. This is why we have perfected our light technology.

Light is life and the source of good health, both mentally and physically.

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