Our energy field

The help that comes from the seven colours of the light spectrum is concentrated on the chakras in our surrounding energy field, the aura.

The seven large chakras in our aura have an active connection with our sophisticated subtle body. These are receivers and transmitters of our perceptible energy currents.

The human body is perhaps the most complex and yet most wonderful living organism that exists in nature. Not only we humans, but also animals are provided with the seven small efficient power plants in their bodies.

Feelings of depression and negative thoughts disturb a healthy energy field

Bridges between science, body and spirit

The influence of light on our bodies is scientifically proven.

In our matter-of-fact western world many people switch off when the subject of chakras is mentioned, especially people with an academic background. Maybe chakras are not scientifically proven to you, but this does not mean they don’t exist. 

When we spend time in the open air, whether the sun is shining or not, our aura automatically filters the correct colour frequencies from the light in order to maintain our energy field at an optimal level of vitality. 

And sometimes we require just a little more light because our energy is low and blockages have formed in the chakras. 

The Quasar S7, by Spectrum Light 7, was developed to recharge our chakras and to remove the blockages that have built up, so that physical and mental ailments can be quickly alleviated.