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Our energy field

Our treatment, using the seven colours of the light spectrum, focuses concentrated light on each chakra which makes up our surrounding energy field.

The seven major main chakras in our Aura are in complete connection with our more refined and subtle bodies. They are receivers and transmitters of the energy flow in our bodies, which radiate through the circulatory system as Aura otherwise known as our Electromagnetic Field.

The human body is the most complex and miraculous living organism that exists in nature. Not only humans, but animals are also equipped with these seven small efficient power plants in the body.

Anger, negative thinking and behavior disrupt a healthy energy field.

Bridge between science and alternative methods

The effect of light on our mental and physical health has been scientifically proven and is of great importance in assisting recovery.

In recent years, the population has become a little more open-minded and fortunately there are more people who are no longer so dismissive of the idea of possessing an Aura. People with a scientific background, who are medically trained, have much more difficulty with this idea as for them it is unmeasurable and therefore not scientifically proven.Nevertheless, more and more doctors are willing to choose a more alternative path, if it is available and are then not necessarily so quick to start prescribing medication.

This is a major step forward, especially around spiritual suffering.

When we are surrounded by light, sunlight, or artificial light, we automatically filter the right colour frequencies from this light which are necessary for maintaining our energy flows. This energy we get mostly from sunlight, such as vitamin D for example.

Sometimes however we just need a little more power from the light, when our energy has decreased, and blockages have formed in one of the chakras. The Quasar S7 clears these blockages, this is proven to help relieve the physical and mental discomfort.

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