Enlighten your life

Human beings are dependent on sunlight as a source of energy and strength, including Vitamin D. 

Our bodies work closely with sunlight at cellular level. 

There is an interaction between our receptors (chakras) and light. We do not need to expose our entire skin to sunlight, because it is picked up by our seven receptors; wearing clothes is no hindrance. 

All seven colours of the spectrum have particular characteristics in terms of strength, colour, frequency and wavelength. 

The seven chakras in our energy field possess the same frequencies and have exactly the same colours, and therefore it is important that each chakra receives its own particular colour. 

We remain in good health in body and mind in conjunction with light. Light gives us energy and also sets energy in motion; light makes us joyful and happy; light with all its characteristics is indispensable to life.


Light with all its characteristics is indispensable to life

Light, nutrition and oxygen

Our bodies cannot live without nutrition, oxygen, water and light.

Consumption of poor foods, breathing polluted air, and drinking unhealthy water damages health and may open the way to depression, tiredness, obesity and energy deficiency.

The valuable elements of the air we breathe are dispersed by the lungs, and the remainder is segregated when we breathe out. The good elements are condensed into matter and deposited in all our organs in order to build up our body. It is therefore vital to maintain this flow of energy in motion and equilibrium.