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Light is where it all began

Human beings are dependent on sunlight as a source of energy and strength, including vitamin D.

The cells within our bodies respond very well to sunlight.

Our chakras interact with this light and whilst it is not necessary to expose our entire skin to sunlight, the light is absorbed by our seven chakras, which have the same colours and are constantly in contact with it. Clothing is absolutely no obstruction to this.

The seven individual colours of the spectrum have special properties in strength, colour, frequency, and wavelength, and when connected with this light, we stay physically and mentally in good shape. 

Light gives energy and brings energy into motion, light makes us cheerful and happy, light with all its properties is indispensable in life. 


Light with all its characteristics is indispensable to life

Water, food, oxygen...and light

Our body cannot exist without food, oxygen, water, and light.

The daily intake of bad food, polluted air and water will affect our health in the long run, and may cause problems such as depression, fatigue, obesity, and lack of energy.

The air we breathe is transported via the lungs into the parts of the body which are of value to us, and the rest is exhaled. 

The good parts of the oxygen during breathing are used as a power current to transport the dissolved nutrients through the bloodstream and to deliver it to all the tissues of our organs for building and maintaining the body. It is therefore of vital importance to keep this power flow going and in balance through a conscious and healthy lifestyle. 

Light with all its properties is indispensable in life.

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